"Ever since I saw it last June it has haunted my thoughts like almost no other film this year, short or feature... a poetic sci-fi at its very best."
- Ben Umstead,

The abstract story about a lone survivor lost in a dying world. A man struggles to connect pieces from his daily scavenging routine and bits from his repressed memory. When a woman appears in his desolate forest world, she's intent on making him face his past and consequent fate.

-Twitch's BEST shorts of 2011 (
-Film Court's BEST shorts of 2012 (
-3rd place winner - Fano International Film Festival (Fano, Italy)
-2012 Comic-Con Independent Film Festival (San Diego, USA)
-2012 IBAFF International Film Festival (Murcia, Spain)
-2011 Stockholm International Film Festival (Stockholm, Sweden)

\\ It was our graduate project for Sapir Academic College.
\\ The soundtrack is by Dror Shiman, and its available here:
\\ Want to know how we made it rain? Check out our DYI clip:
\\ Want to know how we shot the lion?

For more information, please visit:
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