Flynn, Chris, and Brian have been playing the same world-domination-themed board game for the past four years. None of them are willing to back down, even when confronted with threat of gruesome zombie-related death. Little do they suspect, the zombie apocalypse is but a precursor to the arrival of an evil so great, it may very well destroy everything our heroes have ever come to know.

Jacob Wolpert -- Flynn
Myles Milligan -- Chris
Brad Hammerstron -- Brian
Jason Day-Boisvert -- Zombie
Michelle Cyr -- Another Zombie
Joey Konnert -- Zombie #3
Ruby Westcream -- Zombie no. Cuatro

Joey Konnert - Cinematography
Brad Hammerstron - Sound Design
Michelle Cyr - Makeup

Writer + Director:
Adam Doquiatan

*Official Selection: Vancouver Island Short Film Festival 2013*
*Official Selection: SharpCuts Indie Film and Music Festival 2012*
*Official Selection: Dead on Film: Zombie Short Film Competition 2012*


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