Holocaust Survivors and Their Stories

In the early ’40, after racial laws, Italian Fascism instituted hundreds internment places. Fascists managed most of them. Others were passed on to the Nazi occupying force after the 1943 armistice.
Some of them have disappeared. About 10 concentration camps were built ad hoc with barracks, fences, and other prison’s structures according to a plan.
Amnesia Project shows what was voluntarily forgot in Italy. Ferramonti, Fossoli, San Sabba and Le Fraschette’ camps were abandoned and the negligence of local administrations left them falling into decay. Only Risiera San Sabba is well preserved. It became National Museum during the ’60. In the last years two foundations take care of what remains in Ferramonti and Fossoli.
Fascists’ concentration camps were put aside because their memory is inconvenient. In the Postwar politics avoid facing past times, especially the “Ventennio”. Italian public opinion and Media are used to celebrate Holocaust memory and events happened during World War II in other countries like Germany or Poland. This project is an effort to go over this disregard and hypocrisy.

Amnesia’s exhibitions:
2010 – Accademia di Belle Arti di Genova, Italy – Group exhibition
2008 – Pingyao International Photography Festival, China – Solo exhibition
2007 – College Park, University of Maryland, Washington D.C., Usa – exhibition and talk

© Antonello Mazzei 2007

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