Biblical Exposition

Thomas, the disciple, use to be called Doubting Thomas in our Christian Culture, but that has long since past. Today people don't know about Doubting Thomas or even understand why people doubt Christ resurrection from the Dead. D.A. Carson say some reason for doubt include: simple ignorance, moral choice, right of passage, atomistic choices, sleep deprivation, and Existential crisis. In studying doubting Thomas' faith, one must realized that he does believe in Christ, and his faith, did not deny empirical evidences. In this text the apostle John is shedding light on what saving faith is (even in times of doubt). This passages gives of 3 illustrations of faith.

The first kind of faith that Thomas had as a Realistic Faith. Thomas wanted more than words from others so that he would risk all to fallow Christ. He is not a pessimist, but a man that did not want to be gullible and coned. He is not a materialist, nor a naturalist. His doubt did not come because of some moral failure in his life. His doubt cam from Disappointment (existential crisis) of seeing his Lord die on the cross 3 days earlier that he did not want to be blindsided. Crucifixion was the cruelest form of capital punishment in the Roman empire. Thomas did not understand at this time the roll of suffering that Jesus Christ had to go through to save his people. Sin Requires punishment and so that same of the cross become his glory. Doubt can be over come with true saving faith.

The second kind of faith is Confessional Faith. Jesus was offering peace, and this time he shoed up with the disciples that same way he did on the day of his resurrection. Thomas' confession is a form of worship and not just a evocative statement. Jesus affirms his deity by approving Thomas' statement. Thomas now understood what Jesus meant way back in Mark 2:1-12. That it is only the offended party that can extend forgiveness, and the at the root of all our sin is an offense against God. King David learned this and affirm this in Psalm 21 when he says against you, you only, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight.... Thomas learned that what mans sin, sin, what makes is so profoundly heinous , what makes it so deeply repugnant, and clupable is that it is an offense against God. This in Thomas' confession he had received forgiveness because he now understood that the first sin, first sequentially, first in fundamental importance is against God in not loving him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Thomas' confession shows how doubt can be over come with true saving faith.

The final kind of that is Objective Faith. In blessing Thomas, Thomas shows that is faith is not in his own faith but in the person of Jesus Christ. We are blessed in our belief because we have forgiveness with God even thought we have not seen the person of Christ with our eyes. We believe because of the testimony of Scripture (and of Thomas'). Christianity is not feidism. Great faith is objective. Christians believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ because it actually happened in time and space. It happened in history. So it is not how strong your faith is it is how great the object of your faith is. This is why doubt can be over come with true saving faith.


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