KZN Music videos

Directed, Shot (in SD = not rad) and Edited by Alistair Heath.

This video has existed for over a year, I've just been too busy/lazy to slam down legit in post and actually finish what I started. I will at some point. Just thought that I may as well upload it and update it later, 'cos by now, I'm running pretty low on fucks to give.

The song is too ill. G!G!B owned DBN, fo sho.

They are fuck off awesome performers, so I figured that a simple, fast, and uncomplicated studio performance video was pretty much what they'd need.

This is my first music video, so there is much to be desired in regard to the number (and quality) of angles used. But whatever, we make do with what we gots.

Like I said, the video IS standard def and upload quality is pretty jut - so don't watch it on an HD setting, if it's an option.

a durbanwinter/pastlivesinc production.


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