1 Minute: a Vimeo Project

1 minute video of what appears to be a new light sculpture in Madison Square Park in NYC. I have discovered that it is in fact a command Orb from the Planet Zenon. All the Zenon aliens residing in New York City must come before it weekly in order to be debriefed and to receive their instructions for the coming week. This information is relayed from Zenon through the mothership that is in permanent position on the far side of the moon. The Zenonites have developed a radio wave that can be curved so they do not need a line of sight and this allows them to be non-discoverable by earth's scanning devices.

If you notice the three Zenonites at the bottom right of the video you can see them receiving their instructions, but one of them hears us discussing the Orb and its mission. They turn around to look at us and even point, but they have to return to their weekly session. When done they leave the park as do we, as we do not want to be around when the Zenonite Storm Troopers, who the three Zenonite aliens have most assuredly contacted about the security breach, come looking for us.

j vimeo.com/55188383

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