This is our video about Bird House Project Launching at U&KL Eco Foresty Area on July, 6th 2013. Bird House Project is a contemporary design event who celebrate with inviting the birds for come back to the city. with bird house medium, 45 Designer/Artist/Architect gather to make bird house with their specialty.

Held in a warehouse (head quarter) of Unkl by House The House and U&KL, there was a great day with Open Table who serve food from master like "Bubu" Keni, Music by newest Eddi "Brokoli" band's called Swara Geriliya, Dj's like Egga etc :)

and the most interesting is Trivia Club, with designer who answered many trivia question with their design knowlage, and make us lough!

Stay Tune, and thanks :)
Music By. Mam
Crushed Ice


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