This is the video part of a conceptual video art installation. You can see a description of the form it should take on this page of my website:

It works best if you have ten minutes to relax and go into a meditative state, sitting in a dark room with your face about 20 inches away from the screen (playing in full screen mode), staring straight into the centre of the picture: watch the things that appear! Allow the peripheral vision to fill with the tones of light and suggestions of movement and form, but focus your attention straight ahead. Even if you think nothing is happening, keep looking. Don't look away or you will break the accommodation to the light that your eyes have been developing during the journey. Some moments occur briefly and depend on that persistence of vision and light sensitivity in order to take place. Oh, and be sure to have your computer hooked up to a powerful sound system with a subwoofer! Bom bolay! Enjoy!


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