Olga Mink's interactive vj-installation developed for a new building. Commissioned by the city-council of Sint-Oedenrode, in 2003.

Mix Your Own:: is an interactive video installation by Olga Mink. The projection is visible from both inside and outside the building. Interactivity is a crucial part of this installation, and is accomplished via the Internet or a touch-screen located in the main hall. The 'spectator' is invited to create a VJ-mix that is uploaded to the server in Sint Oedenrode. An automated video database ensures an ongoing supply of images, which makes this installation a dynamic piece of work evolving over time, creating a real synergy between image, light and the environment.

Olga Mink is active as an artist in the Netherlands. She obtained her MFA at the Sandberg institute (Amsterdam). Next to art-related projects she is a video-performance artist and collaborates with musicians. Her abstract visual landscapes and rhythmic image-architecture have been presented during art and media events internationally.

The technical part of the installation is realized by Jilt van Moorst (NL). Jilt Van Moorst is a software-developer and graduated from the HKU (Art, Media & Technology). He performs as Robotfunk and developed the VJ-tool 'Flowmotion'.


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