A sound installation that generates music in real time from the stock market fluctuations.
It remediates the traditional means of viewing and analysing stock data by turning speculations of money into music.

There is no clear logic as to how the stock market functions. In all this chaos somewhere exists a pattern and an emotional factor still not accounted for. The temporal factor and unpredictability associated with the stock exchange all over the world, inspires curiosity and anticipation. As such the thought of an auditory display that uses dynamically and constantly varying information, manifested in the form of a radio station which tunes into the stock market exchange from all around the world.

The stock market has a tense, strict business feel to it, far flung from the notes of music. Making the twain meet by exploring the ‘unheard’ connections between music and money is an interesting experiment, for the ironic twist that it creates.

Excerpts from "Nemesis by Shamil"
Details as under:-

Artist: Shamil
Track Name: Nemesis
Album Name: Strolling through electronic spaces

This music track is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license:


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