To celebrate the Bank of Cyprus's 110th year anniversary we were asked to design and create an exhibition that reflected the importance the bank has had in all aspect of Cyprus's history and its people. One of the exhibition requirements was that it would travel to other cities.

The outside installation represented events from the bank's history from 1890 to the present day. Designed in two embracing semi circular forms the visitor could walk around it and inside it - each section emanating a different feeling of spatial freedom and embrace from what is the largest banking institution in Cyprus.

Inside we designed 5 interactive surfaces - where we were able to create a pop-up world for 6 main figures of Cyprus's history. Starting from 1890 until the present each character defined the era in which he or she lived in by achieving something great. Through these characters we were able to branch out and show all the history of Cyprus and the bank's.

You can find more info about the project at


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