16k video loop, 36 channel Iosono surround sound
Hyundai Vision Hall, South Korea
Directed by Universal Everything
Sound by Simon Pyke
Post / CGI by Realise

Increasingly we′re being asked to create pieces for agencies and brands beyond the 30 or 60 second commercial format. Universal Everything recently approached us with an intriguing treatment for an ambitious video installation for Hyundai. The abstract films would need to stand up to scrutiny whilst being shown on a massive wall of interlinked high-definition screens at the Korean manufacturer’s Vision Hall project in Seoul.

For this, the second of the films, we did a lot of conceptual work to design a process where a large block of steel is eroded down into a final car shape. There were two distinct designs each with their own and look and dynamics. The first version involves the metal flaking away in a trail behind the steel block as it erodes down into the car shape. And in the second we modeled iridescent lines flowing over the block as the shape is manifested. For heightened accuracy of the particles’ movements, we ran accurate fluid simulations for both processes, observing precise data of how the tiny objects are carried in the medium. The results we think, are beautiful.


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