Mappathon is a 3 Day Projection Mapping Workshop Marathon with Projection Mapping installation.

This workshop teaches students an amazing technique for manipulating video to create illusions of deconstruction and redefinition of physical shapes by moving away from traditional flat projection surfaces. The goal of the workshop is to create projection mapping installations, where the participants create content for complex surfaces. At the end of the workshop, the students will be show their work to the public.

During Mappathon in MOD Festival, 10-15 students learnt projection mapping and design a robot based on the theme, “Future in Guadalajara”.

They are divided into 4 groups and assigned to design different parts of robot. Participants will need to clearly communicate with their team and the rest of the group to successfully complete the robot. Each student will create video content based on the theme and decide how to project it onto the assigned part of the robot. All students' contents will be mapped over the robot. This collobotive installation, TECH-KILLA BOT represented future of the students from tequia maker town Guadalajara.

For public presentation, the students will come up with a title and a finished piece they created together using the software Modul8 and MadMapper. Through this process, the students will learn how to negotiate, communicate and design together.

MOD Festival, Guadalajara, Mexico

Video, Recycled cardboard boxes

6 feet x 5 feet


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