Audio - light performance inside installation
Developed DIY light sensitive table with 36 opto-resistors is connected to Max/MSP. Data from each sensor triggers the light and sound. Light intensity detected by one sensor linearly change the volume of the one oscillator and the brightness of one RGB led. 36 sensor creates 4,5 octave tonal area to play with. The scale on the table is shaped to "square spiral" with lowest tone in the middle.
Light act as a source of raw data that control audio and lights.
The czech word "Zčistajasna" is hard to properly translate. The meaning is suddenly, out of the blue... but the etymologic base of the word is based not two words: clean and brightness and can be very freely translated like "something suddenly coming from clean brightness".
I choose this word because many thing happened really "zčistajasna" in my life that days and the meaning fits really well to the work and to my actual life that time…
The interactive installation Out of the blue /Zčistajasna/ was presented at 4AM Forum for architecture and media, Brno, Czech republic, 7.11 ---- 31.12.2012
(visitors got the flashlight and went into the dark gallery where was located this light reactive table and the line of led lights - individual or group musical-light interactions could start)

This performance was done 17.12.2012.


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