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The tale of an extraordinarily dedicated Courier, and the lengths he will go to make sure he delivers on time. Not even an armada of despondent robots will stop him from making that delivery!

Written/Directed by Simon Herden and Produced by Bettina Hamilton. Designed by Ari Gibson. Edited by Sean Lahiff. Sound by Colin Zammit.

The Courier was an independent short with a production budget of only $250 AUS which then took 1 1/2 years to complete with only one 3d artist and one compositor to finish the extensive visual fx work.

Originally designed to function as a pilot, this script was the first of many for the Courier, in which he went on to battle Vampires, clandestine military organisations and Cthulu in comic book form.

If you enjoyed it, please jump over to 'The Courier's imdb page and give it a rating (and maybe a comment ;) )

Heavily Armed Productions

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