Hi everyone, this is my first tutorial on how to generate a P-Pass From 3ds max with Vray. I'll show you everything you need to know in order to add one to your render elements. And also how to view your rendered pass in Nuke

!! EDIT:

-HEHE well this was a short run tut. Vray SP5 has a SamplerInfo Element pass...THANK YOU!
so yea...just add a Sampler info element pass...

-regarding PositionToPoints node and point pass not lining up to camera inside nuke. For VRay passes the shuffle node needs to be switched Y and Z (green and blue), you then need to invert Z (blue). Haven't checked yet,but i belive SP5 render elements do not need to be flipped

-Forgot to mention that clamping your color values will not work with your point position pass.Render out a 32bit Float exr unclamped

If I missed/screwed up any information please let me know :)

Hope it helps you guys out

j vimeo.com/11074371

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