Hello everyone, I'm Tom. I'm finishing BA(Hons) Visual Effects at the University of Hertfordshire. I was always fascinated by creative thinking combined with technology, where the only limit really is your own mind. I started experimenting with video production in early 2008, creating my own gameplay videos. In 2011 I shifted towards motion graphics and soon became one of the top authors in motion graphics, selling video templates to business customers. Later that year I decided to join Visual Effects course at the University of Hertfordshire, move my company to the UK and give it a shot. Three years later I'm almost out of the Uni with plenty of skills to support my future plans. What they will be? Well, let's see but I can guarantee there will be plenty of fun along the way.

In my spare time I love to read books, mainly oriented towards business & biographies, coding websites, or recently trying to combine real world with electronics using programming devices such as Raspberry Pi.

more at tombalev.com

j vimeo.com/94789812

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