Short Films & Motion Graphics

This footage was shot with my video lunchbox during the production for one of two spots produced by Humble Films in NYC for the new Ikea mega-store which was then soon to be opened in Red Hook Brooklyn. Peter Wallach was the director of special effects and hired me to assist in the shooting of 35mm time-lapse of the deconstruction of the Brooklyn Bridge model fabricated out of Ikea boxes. The miniature of the bridge was about 150 ft across and the time-lapse was played in reverse to give the appearance of the bridge constructing itself. The footage was designed to work as a match dissolve to actual time-lapse of the real Brooklyn Bridge which we also shot on 35mm film from the same camera angle which was shot before the miniature stop motion/time-lapse could begin. Here is a link to the finished spot. For more Ikea animation see:
"Ikea" Center of the Universe
"Ikea Manhattan" (Cardboard Jungle) Music Video
"Ikea" Making of Documentary


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