Short Films & Motion Graphics

Thesis Film made in the second half of the 1-year Diploma of Screen & Media course in 2010.

A necessary escape from reality allows two adult men to slip into their fantasy world, where they find themselves fighting for their lives! This is sure to be no ordinary trip to the supermarket, and there will definitely be a clean up on aisle 9!

Director's Statement:
The filmmaker’s main objective was to make a film that was comedic and that an audience could relate to. “Even though it was quite an unrealistic circumstance, I thought it was very important to make the characters and environment believable, so the audience could find truth to it, and get in touch with their inner child! The main challenge was avoiding a 'gag' film, and making something that could sustain the audience's investment in what was going on in the film”, said Anthea Hewett.

Best Film – 2011 Shorts on the Green Film Festival, Australia
Best Director – 2011 Short on the Green Film Festival, Australia
Audience Award – 2011 The World of Women: WOW Film Festival, Sydney

Cologne Comedy Short Film Festival, Cologne Germany 2012
Down Under Berlin Film Festival: New Talents Showcase, Berlin Germany 2012
Warrambeen Film Festival, Australia 2011
WOW Film Festival, Sydney 2011
Shorts on the Green, Australia 2011
Comedy Cluj Film Festival, Romania 2011
Festival International des Courts D’ecole, Gabon, West Central Africa 2011

TV Broadcasting and DVD releases:
Goolarri TV (a small community tv station in Broome, Western Australia) screens Clean Up on Aisle 9 (2011)
French TV broadcaster Ma Chaine Etudiante (MCE TV) screens Clean Up on Aisle 9 (2011)
Russian TV broadcaster Egoist.TV bought Clean Up on Aisle 9


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