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June 12, 2013 edition of INTERIOR SONGS @ Hashtag Gallery ( in tandem with the kickoff to the inaugural NXNE Art festival (the launch party was happening at the same time further downtown). I am performing another piece, FOSCA FUGUE -, on June 15.

INTERIOR SONGS is a hybrid installation/performance art piece that reframes the interior as both the site and state of our individual and collective vulnerabilities and contradictions. Conceived as a cabaret performance where the self-reflective songs ripple backwards in time; each song harkens back to a particular time period, using songs written in the period itself, from the digital age to the age of empires and colonialism. These ripples populate the space in the form of installation pieces constructed during the performance of the song itself, culminating in the space transformed into a collective installation.

Great art in the space! I was terrified I would crash into the artwork during the final sequence. Thankfully, I somehow managed to collide with a blank spot on the wall, just off camera, at the end. The footage is from a video camera that is part of the performance, signifying both trace and voyeurism.

Songs / Ages / Interiors explored in this edition are: Digital age (Antony Hegarty, Cut the World), 70s rise of environmentalism & feminism (Stephen Sondheim, Losing my Mind), WWII from home (John Cage, Sweet Love), WWII in the frontlines (Samuel Barber, Sure on this Shining Night), Great Depression (Gladys Rich, American Lullaby), Industrial Revolution (Edward Elgar, Sea Slumber song), and Age of Empire (Henry Purcell, Dido's Lament).

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