Performance Art

Submission by Continuum, 18 durational performance art pieces happening simultaneously in one space.
Documented by Baltazar Canales
Edited by Jonatan Lopez
Music: Uritual by Boards of Canada
Continuum Headquarters (Summer St, Studios) Houston, TX September 6, 2013

Participating artists:

Joshua Yates, Ryan Hawk, Daniel Bertalot, Karen Mazzu, Renee Cosette Pedersen, Josh Urban Davis, Hilary Scullane, Raindawg, Jana Whatley, Neil Ellis Orts, Y. E. Torres, Koomah, Tina McPherson & Sandy Ewen, Evan McCarley, Julia Wallace, Jonatan Lopez, Chris Meadows and Emmanuel Nuno Arambula.

Special thanks to David B. Collins, a Continuum active artist, for serving as the guide of the event.


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