Performance Art

The Spinster unfolds a 7′ x 12′ sheet of canvas covered with something that looks like Jacopo Pontormo's "Study for the Deluge," every night as soon as she gets home & she hangs it on the wall. She eats an omelet + boiled potato while she works. This is what she lives for -- there are a dozen of these folded & piled in a corner of her apartment.

"The Spinster" was inspired by a painter Back East who bought gallons of Cerulean oil paint at a closeout sale in Chelsea way before Chelsea was cool. A huge sheet of paper covered with Cerulean figures like these hung permanently in his living room. If the truth be told, what he really lived for were obscure Deutsche Grammophon records that cost a fortune. But it was also true that he could not go a day without drawing.


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