Performance Art

My goal: a 7′ x 12′ sheet of canvas covered with something that looks like this Jacopo Pontormo “Study for the Deluge,” that The Spinster unfolds every night as soon as she gets home & hangs on the wall. She eats an omelet + boiled potato while she works. This is what she lives for – there are a dozen of these folded & piled in a corner of her apartment.

As I continue preparing improvisation of this character and her story, I am trying to live and breathe drawing as much as possible - as I used to until high school. Most of my teachers would not let me draw in class - but one of my Algebra was a really different kind of person, enlightened & exceptionally accepting. I think he actually LIKED kids. He and I made an agreement that I would not draw on the papers that I turned in during class nor on my homework.


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