Canon EOS 7D

“Little Engineer” is the story about a little girl with a big dream. She built her car from a large cardboard box but feels something’s missing. Upon entering her mother’s new Chevrolet car, she is inspired with many ideas for her own vehicle and realizes there’s so much more she can do to engineer her dream. She returns back home to finish building her imaginative creation with items from around the house. When she's done, it's her own little work of art and it's only the beginning...
We all dream, but the little girl is an example of how far inspired thoughts can take you. When you build on working towards your dream, it will come true.
Kacey Fifield: "Little Engineer"
Nicole Laino: "Mom"
Jenna McCombie: "Girl grown up"
Marshal Hilton: "Narration"
Written and Directed by Fiorella Occhipinti
Produced by: Cory Reeder & Fiorella Occhipinti
Director of Photography: Matt Wise
Production Designer: Brian Stanis
Editor: Jorge Garduño
Hair & Makeup: Lily Von Isenberg
Original Music by: Jose Occhipinti
Renaissance Man Productions
Special thanks to On the Mark Rentals and 1906 Studios


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