strapless kitesurfing

A day of surfing, strapless kitesurfing (Kite Beach, Ponta Preta & Sleeping Lion), Quad driving, sun, great waves, dancing and meeting nice people etc, on the island Sal of Cabo Verdi in Feb 2014.
Spent two weeks there and had wind, waves and sun every day:-).
Unfortunately I only brought my 9 kvm kite to Ponta Preta on the two bigger days so I was really over rigged and it was hard to make ok cut backs to stay deeper for a longer time but still it was great fun!
Check out the action here!

Too bad though that one of the locals (Orange and blue North Kite) had such a bad attitude trying to drop in several times even when I had the wave long before and was at least 30 m deeper than him! Several times he also went way too deep resulting in a "catapult emergency exit", jumped of the board to save him self while he was dragging the board in the leash straight trough the lineup of surfers and sometimes interfered with the kitesurfer who had the wave behind him. Not only once he put his kite and lines in the way for others and way too close to the "real surfers" in the lineup.
When I confronted him he also had the nerve to say;
" - I don´t care. Do you want to fight?!!"…
What a jerk:-(
Anybody who knows his name? Has he got a sponsor?
In that case: He is surely NOT a good ambassador for North!

Sponsors 2014:

But in all the trip to Sal was more than a great one in life:-)
Peace n love,

Nicco Schiller


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