54MPL3 0UR080R05 (1337 MODE INDEXED) - jonCates && Jake Elliott (2012 - 2007)

Ouroboros, the serpent god swallowing its own tail to form a circle, functions as a metaphor for our 0UR080R05 performances which display and digest audio and video streams recursively from one performance to the next. We have performed our 0UR080R05 project at venues such as the Chicago Underground Film Festival, OPENPORT Festival at Links Hall, ENEMY Sound in Chicago, on an East Coast Noise tour at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, Axiom Gallery in Boston and during the r4WB1t5 macro.Festival in Mexico City. We have lectured on 0UR080R05 for Chicago Artists Month at the Art Institute of Chicago in a series organized by Lisa Dorin and exhibited an installation version in the Ahh. . . Decadence! Exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries curated by Lisa Wainwright and Fast Forward at the Rockford Art Museum curated by Lisa Wainwright and Jim Yood. Our next presentation of this project will be at the SLSA 2009 Annual Conference on Decodings in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 54MPL3 0UR080R05 (1337 MODE INDEXED), our 0UR080R05 machine runs in realtime in 1337 Mode, redigesting itself while we live code our artware intertwined in deep time recursivity and self-modifying psychedelic cyber-ware.


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