Sexy Girls

Jan Te Bont presents you a true JTB heavyweight and one of worlds most beautiful outthere. Madame Anna Perret is of French/Dutch origin and with her impressive curves she is ready to take on the world JTB style! Waiste-to-hip ratio is off the chart, eyes from a cat, energy from a fusion-reactor and the strenght and agility from a superhero. With Jan Te Bont taking her to the next level with his cinematic style and some amazing footage, the stage is set to make her shine like a star!

This teaser is just a snippet of what's to come. Jan te Bont shows his musical variety and and sense of atmosphere with a sensual song and sultry imagery as only he can. Taking things to the next level as a photographer/cinematographer Jan Te Bont gives a little peek of his creative arsenal surrounded with some great talent from makeup, to photography, to video to design and styling.

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Director: Jan Te Bont
Makeup: Anna Perret
Styling: Jeromey & Denise Aukes
Assistant Photography: Soy
Postproduction: Digital Traffic


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