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Uploaded an original Samsung Galaxy Note 3 recorded 4K video file on January 11, 2014.

File video parameters: MPEG-4, 127.86 MB, 3840x2160, 30 fps, 48.758 Mbit/s, Sound Stereo 121 kbit/s 48 kbit/s, Duration 22.64 s

Pse turn sound volume down. Too large sound from the receiver´s loudspeaker that the phone almost could not handle. Pse observe that the indoor temperature raised from 21.7 C to 22.3 C during the recording :-) Yes, it is that cold outside here near the Arctic circle in Sweden.

No tripod was used. The phone was handheld rested on salt jar :-) Would be better with a tripod of course.

Wonder what Vimeo automatically has changed the file´s parameters to when uploaded?


On the screen I read: "Just a warning ... this video´s resolution is 1080p. By default we automatically convert large HD footage to 720p for better playback. If you´d prefer to display your work in 1080p, there´s an option for that.

This video´s data rate is 48046 kbit/s, which is abnormally high and means we might have trouble converting it or it may take a very long time. For HD video, we suggest you use a lower data rate, typically 5000 kbit/s."

The Vimeo converted file in SD 720p looked horrible on my 27" HD screen. As I have Vimeo Plus I could change 720p to 1080p. The result is the video above. It is possible to download the video by right-clicking on it. The videos new parameters are now (the original in parantheses): MPEG-4 (MPEG-4), 12.5 MB (127.86 MB), 1920x1080 (3840x2160), 29 fps (30 fps), 4.567 Mbit/s (48.758 Mbit/s), Sound stereo 250 (121) kbit/s 48 (48) kHz.

The Vimeo converted version has downgraded the original version by a factor 10. It seems that Vimeo has a long way to go to implement 4K videos.

j vimeo.com/83910189

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