Neo Rhythm Makers

All sounds in this demonstration video were recorded with a Traginer Electric Washboard, effects pedals and amplifier.

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"During the creative process of this audio demonstration and in a strictly experimental context, as well as showing the versatility of sound of this reinvented instrument, it was important to maintain the essence of the washboard.

The communicative purpose was to establish two opposing sound groups to generate a coherent musical framework that recreates a dark, weightless atmosphere where the so-called organic sounds reach a complete synergy with the so-called industrial sounds, so that in this way they can be perceived as flashing lights, generated by exotic bioluminescent organisms."

Producer & Director: David Fernández Vidal.
Cinematographer: Juanjo Ordorika.
Editor: Alberto Azcona.
Key Grip: Adria Calvo.
Make Up Artist: Lara Salas.
Graphics: J.B.Flores.
Production Crew: Rosa Amor Casas, Sonia Arcusa & Nieves Requejo.
Recording Technician: Satur Rodríguez.
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Chechu Martínez.
Musician: Carlos Traginer.

Special Thanks To:

Rosa María Gómez Berbegal & Antonio Traginer Sancho.
Rosa Amor Casas.
Daniele Cabana & Antonio Potenza (Ric 27).
Fermín Serrano & Arantza Rua.
Marta Julve.
Satur Rodríguez.
Sergio Rodrigo.
Alejandro Villacampa.
Miguel Ángel Mercadal.
Paula Sáinz.
Sonia Arcusa.
Nieves Requejo.
Nacho Laguna.
Raúl Ezquerra.
Rosa María Vicente.
Mari Carmen Romanos.


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