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"Cloud" (by Moonlight Breakfast) is the first single off Aylin's album, CLOUD.

Directed by: Razvan Marinescu (razvan@mediaholic.ro)
DOP: Alex Brendea (Breghy)
Production Company: Mediaholic (office@mediaholic.ro)
Executive producer: Razvan Marinescu
Video Editor: Tudor Gramescu

Performed by: Aylin (aylincadir.ro/ , facebook.com/AylinCadirOf...)
Written by: Christie & Bazooka (Moonlight Breakfast - facebook.com/moonlightbre...)
Lyrics: Christie (Moonlight Breakfast)
Music Producers: Christie & Bazooka (Moonlight Breakfast)
Producer: Clouds Production

Booking manager: Marius Beju | marius@bejoo.ro | +40727 77 00 67


see this cloud in the sky
it's got a name on it
so i think i'm 'na fly
straight to it
You wont keep me locked down you see
This golden cage wasn't made for me
I'm a pretty little flower waiting to be picked
I'm a small lady bug, where fly to next
I'm a bird so i fly way up high
Stars sparkling up in you're sky

I'm like a hot cup of coffee in the morning
the perfect red cherry on top of a cake
i'll be the breeze cooling you on a hot summer day
but i simply won't be locked away
i don't need a bunch of flowers to know how you feel
cos' it's there in your eyes and it's perfectly clear
and it makes me so happy to know that you feel thin way
but you can't find true love and then lock it away.

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