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This advert was created as part of a competition held by Doritos South Africa. The 30 second competition required the contestants to create the last 15 seconds of the advertisement that would emphasize the new "Collisions" flavored chips offered by Doritos.

Created by Rick Joaquim from Duck Rabbit Studios ( made it to the finals within it's category in the Doritos competition.


The snail was animated using Dragon Stop Motion against a green piece of green cardboard curved like a cyc wall and shot using a Canon 1000D. It was then keyed and animated in Adobe After Effects using Primatte Keyer. Red Giant's Light Wrap was also used with a flickering Solid Layer to create the edges and wrap around the snail merging the background, flames and snail.

A live action mouth was filmed using a Canon 5D Mark 3, tracking and stabilizing the top two teeth of real footage and then using the Adobe Roto Brush to rotoscope it out.

The large fire ring, smoke,dust clouds and booster rocket were created using Red Giant's Trapcode Particular. This was then sent this from Adobe After Effects straight to Premiere for export

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© 2011 Duck Rabbit Studios


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