Super 8

The only person to ever receive a degree in "Experimental Film Animation" from SUNY college at New Paltz, this was my clay animated epic, senior thesis film. Shot in 1980, "Talisman" includes a cast of almost 50 stop motion characters. Filmed with a Canon DS8, a double super-8 camera that could do fades, dissolves, and double exposures (the DS8 was basically a Canon Scoopic with a super-8 gate, it shot 16mm 100ft daylite load spools that were split lengthwise by the lab.) The effects, titles, and editing were done entirely in-camera with the exception of that it took 1&1/2 rolls of film to shoot that needed to be edited together. I shot the whole film before seeing a single frame over the course of about two months. The sound track was recorded on 4 tracks by projecting the film in a sound booth while making music and noise.
Musical score is by Ice-9, featuring Robert Rabinowitz and Ted Lewind. Running time 14:00


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