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Hello everybody :-)

Today was Christmas and I went for a beautiful walk in the forest of Sèvres. What a gift I got: a reminder of "Light from the Darkness".

"Why do we celebrate Christmas in the beginning of winter? The answer is found in the Book of Nature. All life begins with a seed, buried in the darkness of the earth or a woman’s womb. Winter is the season when a long work of germination is carried out in the seeds sown in the earth, ending in spring with the birth of a multitude of new existences. And an identical work takes place in the psyche of each human being: in the dark earth of his lower nature, the seed of the divine Self, the Christ, must begin to germinate. It is this event that Christians celebrate on Christmas eve. Yes, it is at night, at midnight, at the moment of the most profound darkness that a birth takes place. This is why, in spite of the cold and dark, Christmas is also the festival of light." Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Good and beautiful Christmas inspirations to all of you :-)


PS: The music is Lux Aeterna from Mozart's Requiem.



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