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Michel Montecrossa says about 'Talking Laughing Love World Action':
"I wrote 'Talking Laughing Love World Action' at a time when the world's doped rulers entered a new round of bizarre inhumanity stunts making clear once more how much they are out of touch with the people's reality. This New-Topical-Song is about no more broken heart syndrome for Korea, America, Syria, Mali and the World Estate."

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Song Lyrics
Talking Laughing Love World Action

Talking Laughing Love World,
Laughing Love World Action, I say,
is the name of my song I will sing for you today.
Love World is pushing boundaries,
is unlocking our potential world.
Its action is almighty if we know how to dare.

Love World Action means relation great
of our soul divine with our human vital nerve.
Love World Action is laughing and smiling,
brings into the play the next step of evolving.

The step that makes it easy for all nations to unite,
for love in us is taking delight
as we can take delight in our lover‘s love and light.
North Korea and America
suddenly can change their way uptight

as can Syria and Mali and the whole wide World Estate.
No more broken heart syndrome,
no more pain of normal hate.
No more separation from
Love World Action’s Laughing Might.
I believe in smiles and bring love into every night.

Talking Laughing Love World,
Laughing Love World Action, I say,
is the name of my game,
the light that saves every day.
Come on, baby! Let’s always stay
on the Bright Earth laughing
with Love World Action great.

Lyrics, Music & Paintings: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


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