making of

It's a making of done for the Autodesk Meet the Experts Webinar Series 2014.
In this video you can learn how to bring the crowd of dark creature to life in the game cinematic of Rayman Legends E3 2013, using 3D Studio Max 2013 and ParticleFlow/Toolbox2 (MassFx).

Post-production : Nki (formerly AkamaStudio)
Client : Ubisoft

Special Thanks to
Stéphane Montel (VFX supervisor)
Helder Pereira (Animator of the animated mesh and Barbara)
Etienne Metois (Animator of the creatures)
Julien Nicolas (Modeling of Barbara)
Nicolas Duthatco(Modeling of the dark creature)
Alexandre Ferra (Modeling of the set)
Guillaume Marcel (Setup/Rig of Barbara)
Cyrill Calbac (Setup/Rig of the creatures)

Patrice Paradis (M&E Technical Specialist Autodesk)
Mesa Goulahs (M&E Partner Autodesk)


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