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The Wild West of Nambia documentary explores the great and eerie Skeleton Coast, the shipwrecks there, the souls of the dead diamond hunters on her shores and the history of the diamond rush at the turn of the century. Inland discoveries include the elusive Flip Stander, who has lived in the desert among the desert lions, documenting them for his website After a surreptitious border crossing into Angola we learn of the Himba people, their matriarchal society, their tragic past, the infamous German General Lother Von Trotha who nearly decimated them in what is considered a precursor to the Nazi Genocide, as well as their future struggles in preventing a hydro electric dam from ruining their lands and way of life.

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44 minutes. 1920x1080 24p
Teaser music by John Michel
J.S. BACH, CELLO SUITE 1, in G, Allemande

One man film crew
Shot on Panasonic GH2
GoPro Hero2
Lumix 14-42mm with wide angle adapter
Lumix G VARIO 100-300mm
Lumix G 20mm 1.7

About the Filmmaker
David Whalen was invited along on an adventure trip to Namibia Africa. The trip was uniquely planned by Henry Cookson of the UK who organized the Walking with the Wounded Project with Prince Harry. It was not a planned documentary film shoot but David Whalen convinced everyone to allow him to shoot while there. We flew into desolate locations visiting the Himba Tribe on the Angola Border as well as the elusive Dr. Flip Stander who normally never receives visitors. David Whalen filmed the entire trip with one DSLR camera and a GoPro Hero 2 and no additional support.

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