Civilian UAV

This is probably the worst quality video I have ever made, because it is difficult to setup electronics when everything you deploy is filling fast with water.
Apparently flying in the rain is not very spectacular: the air looks like a not-so dense fog.
I have made 3 flights, but when the time came for making a video from the outside, the camera stopped responding.
Note that unlike before (using circular landing pattern), I have set up the waypoints forming landing approach. Unfortunately once again the wireless link dropped exactly at the moment of touchdown, which otherwise was quite typical for any landing of EasyStar, rotating the fuselage by 45 deg from the flight line. Of course no damage, as the whole plane is made of Elapor...
Good news is that FLEXIPILOT was fully functional for all the flights. I will continue the tests, while I know it works well in the winter since the previous year, I wonder which UAV component will fall first in the rain. I suspect ESC or motor, both digesting a lot of water. The ESC should be better screened for the next flights.


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