Soup of the Day

Soup of the Day Initiative inspiration emanates from the Daraghuyan Community of Bae Inatlawan located at the Protected Area of Mt. Kitanglad. The desire to help them achieve an economic freedom, the bounty of the place awaiting to be tapped and yet they look farther.

Soup of the Day was born, believing scholarship is not needed only if the parents can have their livelihood. Dole out must be maximize and manage for profitability and sustainability, it must be empowering not crippling.

We hope to bring out the best in them and them to bring out the best in others as this initiative rolls out.

It all started with a simple thought of SOUPING, where the tribe echoed in the spirit of the nature to maximize the use of the environment while protecting it at the same time. Together we give birth to this DREAM!


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