Ok, last time I am reloading this, I swear.

My advanced lighting project for school that I ended up making into a music video for my brother and his friend Sean Kravit.

Director - Samuel Miranda
Director of Photography - Jay Shropshire
Editor - Jay Shropshire

Shot on Panasonic AG-HVX200a in 1080/24pa mode.
I used a scene file I created in camera called "Halloween" to make the colors the way they did. No color correction was applied to any of the clips.

The credit sequence was made with over 200 pieces of audio from the last 6 seconds of the song cut up and reapplied over and over each other with flashes of the actual video coming in on the background. Pretty cool.

Lights we used: (3) 575w HMI's, (1) 1200w HMI, (1)1k w/ full CTB, (1)10k w/ full CTB

The song is "Thaw" by Sean Kravit and Boyd Shropshire.

The main actress is VICKY CANCINO


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