I wanted to do a song for myself before I got busy working on all of your TOY cover requests, so I decided to do one of my favorite Sheryl Crow songs - Carolina. It's very obscure - only being released on a soundtrack (can you guess the movie?) but when the tune first hit my ears years back - it resonated within me. I'm glad I finally got to cover it in a different way - and with toys, for that matter. In this song, I used: Disney CARS toy acoustic guitar, Pink electric guitar, Piano Cat, Toy Piano, Lollipop drum, bass and yep, raw Spaghetti noodles for drum brushes 'cause we couldn't find my real ones! FYI - spaghetti was made to be played with :D.

There are only 3 days left to help me make music like this - there are limited cover pledges available - so if you want to hear me cover a song, make your pledge today before they run out! Also being added to the pledge prize list - the Disney Cars Red Acoustic Guitar (target purchase) along with the Pink Electric guitar. The TOY Piano and TOY Piano Cat have already been pledged for :).

To make your pledge, head on over to:
As always, say WASABI:


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