Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2014

The rules of the competition state that all creative activities have to take place within the 48hrs that the competition runs. We are allowed to secure locations, actors, props and crew but all music, special effects, scripting and such like MUST be done on the two days.

This entire film was put together in 10 days with the majority of that down to negotiation with Gallaghers, the Property Developers to give us access to Fullers Earthworks in Redhill, Surrey. I had some old Nerf guns laying around, and I asked the cast to prepare their own costumes after i had done some concept character development with them before the competition. We were exceptionally lucky with the level of professionalism that was brought to this production, Our DOP Tim managed to get together camera teams, including the prestigious Octocopter Drone Unit Operators Rotor Visuals and through mutual friends I was able to secure the talent of Julia and Rita our Make Up and Prosthetic Unit.

The Directors work on the day was largely winged by me, as I wasnt able to do my signature analysis, breakdowns and blocking that I usually do BUT I had a great DOP who kept his eye on the 180 and I was able, with these guys on board to capture twice the volume of footage that can usually be expected in a single days shoot, along with some amazing examples of aerial and slow motion shots.

Then came the edit. I sat with Jonny, our VFX artist from 9pm on the Saturday… and no work of a lie we did not move away from our respective systems until 11am on Monday morning… I did the edit and grade, Jonny built and composited all of the VFX elements.

We were a little frayed!

As a final word I should point out that absolutely none of this would have been possible had it not been for the approachability and friendliness of the onsite security and staff at the company that own the land and their insurance delegates. We owe a great debt to these people for supporting a small independent film, made for pennies on a single weekend!


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