Steelhead and Salmon fishing

Swim with young Chinook salmon and rainbow trout (Steelhead) as they patrol the seams in a never ending quest for tasty insects to gobble. Curious to my presence, we share the calm water behind large boulders.
These fish were born this spring,and stay in the river longer than most salmon and trout species, a direct correlation to the strength and size they will attain in the coming years. In the coming months these fish will make the journey to the ocean where one of the most fascinating and least understood mass migrations in the world takes place. Salmon from all over the Pacific rim join together to feed and grow. The fish return and split apart to return to the rivers of their birth, this river is one such birthing place.
The huge drift below this section holds hundreds of Chinook salmon waiting for the fall rains to surge the water levels and queue the final act. An all out effort to pair up, spawn and then defend the nest until they exhausted salmon can no longer fight the current. Slowly, they drift downstream until there is no more to give.
All the potential lies within.

"All The Potential" by Spectral Mystics (


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