We were in the process of filming this winter rail edit when we lost Doc to a broken collar bone from skateboarding and then myself with a broken leg from a winch gap shortly after. Unfortunately we were only able to shoot a couple short sets. By the time Doc and I get back to the water it will be warm so i wanted to go ahead and do somethin with the footage we had. Huge thanks to Cowtown Wakepark for letting us do this in the winter down time on their cable lake. Huge thanks to the dedication and work everyone in our crew put into this project.

Crew Builders: Tic Tac, Jacob, Doc, Justin, King, Wedge
Riders: Wedge, Doc, King,
Footy By: King, Wedge, Doc, Jacob, Tic Tac, Skye, Trey
Footy Date: Dec 2012
Song: "Liquid Arms" by Birds of Tokyo
Location: Cowtown Wakepark Fort Worth, Texas

j vimeo.com/60501823

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