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Ruhrtriennale 2013

Ryoji Ikeda: test pattern [100 m version]
Audiovisual installation at Kraftzentrale

Japanese artist and composer Ryoji Ikeda’s new work translates the digital data that surrounds us in everyday life into flickering barcodes. We enter a gigantic landscape that consists of alternating black and white structures. The twitching currents flow by us at astonishing speed, contract and take on new forms. test pattern [100m version]—conceived especially for Duisburg’s Kraftzentrale—moves in the field of tension between technological feasibility and human perception. The serial perfection of this artificially created environment presents an extreme contrast to each human motion. On a 100-meter-long projection, we are simultaneously viewer and part of the image. Combined with the rhythmic power of the soundtrack, the result is a poetic space that invites us to linger—an experience that involves all the senses.

With surgical precision, Ryoji Ikeda transforms physical phenomena and mathematical concepts into complex montages of sound and light. Working with installations, live performance, and publications, he is one of the most innovative composers and visual artists in the field of electronics. His works are primarily characterized by an equal confidence in the use of visual and acoustic media.

Video by Ralph Goertz
© IKS-Medienarchiv


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