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I like to experiment with vintage lenses on my Panasonic cameras, so I thought why not try a vintage super 8 lens.
On my Beaulieu 400ZM II super 8 camera the C mount Schneider Kreuznach Beaulieu Optivaron 1.8 6-66 zoom lens is mounted. I had to remove the two motors on the lens otherwise I could not mount it on the Panasonic. With ETC (Extra Tele Conversion mode) on minor vignetting is visible while zooming out but you can correct it in post. The lens is heavy and focusing sometimes is difficult but overall I like the lens. Tell me what you think.

Recorded on 03-14-2014 Breda the Netherlands
Camera: Panasonic Lumix G6 + Schneider Kreuznach Beaulieu Optivaron 1.8 6-66 C mount zoom lens

Soundtrack: Dvorak Serenade For Strings by the Advent Chambre Orchestra Licenced Creative Commons

j vimeo.com/89177550

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