Named after the Victoria Cross holder Michael Murphy

Date of Act of Bravery, 15th April, 1858.
For daring gallantry on the 15th April, 1858, when engaged in the pursuit of Kooer Singh's Army from Aziraghur, in having rescued Lieutenant Hamilton, Adjutant of the 3rd Sikh Cavalry, who was wounded, dismounted and surrounded by the enemy. Farrier Murphy cut down several men, and, although himself severely wounded, he never left Lieutenant Hamilton's side, until support arrived.

If building an engine from scratch is beyond your DIY skills, as it is mine, you could always buy one in kit form. If you can follow this video vimeo.com/56034186 you would be able to build the rest of the engine.

Part 1: The Crawer vimeo.com/25280120
Part 2: Little Chester vimeo.com/43379895
Part 3: Victorioushttps://vimeo.com/44644890
Part 4: Stg Murphy vimeo.com/56690500
Part 5: Overview of Mini Stam Day on Poole Quay 2013 vimeo.com/67503335

j vimeo.com/56690500

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