Collaborative Visual Analytics Environments presented by John Mangan and David Srour at the Winter Enrichment Program at Kaust Visualization Laboratory at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

The complexity and amount of data scientists are confronted with in today’s research domains challenge our ability to visualize information accurately and efficiently. Information acquired with modern data mining tools often has multi-dimensional character, requiring expert knowledge from different scientific fields to interpret. Furthermore, comprehensive data analysis usually requires simultaneous access to multiple data sources represented in their own special form.

This presentation provides an overview of the challenges of developing a unified, globally integrated workspace (desktop / walltop) based on CGLX and its applications, aimed at reducing the barrier of entry for novice or occasional user, while enabling power-users via seamless access to multi-modal visuals at native performance in distributed settings. They include:
• Development of versatile content and layout management concepts and visual front-end, enabling the creation of a persistent visual entry point into massively scalable visualization environments.
• Development of database centric visualization paradigms, anchored in MongoDB for cross-system integration, and support for state and metadata management.
• Development of real-time audio annotation (recording) techniques, enabling scientist to create content rich metadata, by coupling visuals and real-time audio.

j vimeo.com/35947567

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