72 hour National Film Challenge

Created as part of the 2009 National Film Challenge: filmchallenge.org

The entire film was written, directed, filmed, edited, scored and mixed in 72 hours. The assigned elements were:

Genre: Film de Femme
Prop: A book of matches
Line of dialog: "This is like deja vu all over again"
Character: Mary Shapiro, unemployed

We used two cameras, a 5D Mark II running Magic Lantern with a Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L and a stock 7D with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4. Both cameras were in 1080p30 mode with a 1/60th shutter and typically f/1.2-f/2.0. All of the rack-focus moves were on the 5D using the excellent Cinevate Durus follow-focus, which didn't cooperate well with the 85mm's awful focus-by-wire system. The two cameras mixed together well after the extensive desaturation; the color balance between the two was widely off even with identical temperature settings.

Audio was recorded on the 5D with Magic Lantern, using a juicedLink CX231 preamp and a AT875R shotgun mic in a Rode blimp for on set audio and a AT4053a for the voice-overs. The in-camera gains were +0 dB analog, +12 dB digital. The 7D's audio was used as a guide track to align the clips in the one set of clips that required simultaneous shots.

Onset monitoring was with a Small HD DP1. Dolly shots were with a GlideTrack HD.

j vimeo.com/7272455

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