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Cut for Bec, Steph, James & his lady Itsuki and Thomas from Germany. Thanks for the great fun and laughter.

On New Years Eve '10 I still hadn't committed to a 3.5hr drive to Pondalowie Bay after work to camp with three of my staff - James, Steph and Bec. Innes National Park claimed it was closed for camping due to a 'catastrophic fire danger' rating! Adelaide was due to hit 41°C with strong winds, however temps across the state didn't go so high in the end. Bec called at 5pm "It's nice and cool here on Yorke's. We've set your tents up". Arriving at 11pm, with only one hour left of 2010 and a star laden sky I got the 7D out for long exposures of the stars, however the guys had other ideas as they'd been given glow sticks by neighbouring campers.

The next day we trundled off to Daly Head and while the others chilled on the beach nursing hangovers, the wind was perfect to fly Salmon Hole cliffs and even jump inland to Dust Bowl, a dune 150m behind the front dunes and taking a wind direction perpendicular to the beach. Local pilot and surfer Scot 'Tocs' Nadebaum joined in for a flight too. The water colour in the middle of the day is a stunning light blue/turquoise, stretching for 6km southwards.

Cameras: Canon 7D (with EF-S 10-22mm lens) and GoPro HD Hero

Filmed & shot at Pondalowie Bay and Daly Head on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Music: Paradise Circus [Breakage's Tight Rope Remix] from the album Heligoland [Deluxe Version] by Massive Attack (


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