Human Rights

This video is part Al-Haq's 10 Years Too Long campaign against the Annexation Wall. For more info see Tweet #10years2long.

The Palestinian village of 'Azzoun 'Atma is located approximately 12 km south the city of Qalqiliya in the north of the West Bank and has a population of about 2,000 Palestinians. In 2009, the Annexation Wall divided the village in two parts, isolating about 70 villagers within the Seam Zone -- an area between the Wall and the Green Line -- and separating them from the rest of the village.

For these families access to the other part of 'Azzoun 'Atma and the rest of the West Bank is possible only through a gate manned by Israeli soldiers that only opens for a limited time each day. Furthermore, Palestinians with West Bank IDs who do not reside in this separated neighbourhood are not able to access the portion of the village located on the eastern side of the Wall, except in the extremely rare cases when, after a lengthy and difficult application process, they are granted a permit.


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